​Njoy the possibilities . . . 

​we make the menu with you/ for you

sample M e n u

​​​​​Rustic Italian 

fresh mozzarella, in-house roasted peppers with mediterranean olives
sausage & pan roasted broccoli rabe with garlic & Xtra virgin olive oil

crab cakes served with remoulade
clams or mussels (bianco or fra diavolo)
harvest salad: kale, cabbage, shaved brussels, pickled beets 

arugula w/roasted pear, goat cheese & toasted almonds

                                           Primi Piatti
Norma; pan-roasted diced eggplant with garlic and tomato basil w/penne
Shrimp and Mushroom 
sautéed wild mushrooms with shrimp & garlic with sherry wine and cream
                                                              Secondi Piatti
Salmon Crostata
dijon painted mustard crusted, pan seared w/ balsamic glaze
Snapper Piccata
lemon, butter, white wine, capers
Monkfish Francaise
medallions in lemon, butter, white wine
pan-seared butterfly branzino , shallot, lemon/herb

Chicken Marsala
pan-roasted wild mushrooms & garlic with marsala wine
Chicken Limone
pan-roasted w/garlic rosemary lemon butter white wine
Pork Chop Milanese
 panko crusted prime pork, pan seared w/arugula, tomato, and onion

                                  Piatto Vegetariano

Eggplant Parmigiano
panko crusted sliced eggplant served with pasta marinara
Market Vegetarian Plate
assorted grilled, roasted, marinated house vegetables "della notte"

flourless chocolate cake

chocolate fudge caramel sea-salt Brownie

house-made pound cake served w/ cream & fruit

vegetarian, gluten-free, & vegan friendly​​